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Dairy Products Food Base
1# Margerine Au Jus Minors
1# Margerine Beef Minors
1# Margerine ( Morning Blend ) Chicken Base Minors
1/2 & 1/2 Creamer ( Non Dairy ) Clam Base
2% Milk Minors Chicken Base ( 5# )
2% Milk ( 4 Gals ) Minors Ham Base ( 1# )
Butter 1# Seafood Base
Butter Milk 4- 1/2 Gals
Butter Redis Pickles/Potatoes/Vegetables
Chocolate Milk 5 Gal Saurkraut
French Vanilla Creamer 5gal Deli Spears
Half & Half ( 12/Qts ) Calamata Greek Olives Kegs
Half & Half Creamer Chopped Garlic
Half and Half Creamers Chopped Garlic In Water (6Qt)
Ind. Oleo Cups Coleslaw (Homestyle)
Liquid Oleo Cubbed Hased Browns
Margerine Cups Ind Dill Slices 5gal
Promise Cups Greek Olives
Real Sour Cream Cups ( 96/1oz ) Greek Pitted Olives
Sour Cream Hamburger Dill Chips
Sour Cream Packets Raisins ( 24/15oz )
Whip Cream Heavy Sli Pickles ( 1 gal )
Whipped Butter Cups (450/10 gr) Walnut Pieces
Whole Milk ( 4 Gals ) Whole Kosher Dills
Cheese  Meat and Fish
American Cheese Wine Herring
Block American Cheese Anchovies
Blue Cheese 4/ Gal Canned Tuna
Blue Cheese Crumbled 5# Capacola
Butter Milk ( 9 1/2 Gal ) Cooked Bacon Pieces
Cheese Whiz Cooked Turkey Breasts
Cottage Cheese ( 1 container ) .. Hard Salami
Cream Cheese Orange Juice (9/ 1/2 Gals)
Cream Cheese Pecan Pieces ( 5# )
Diced Mozzarella Grande ( 30# bx ) Polish Ham
Feta Cheese ( 28# ) Polish Ham Krakus
Fresh Mozzarella Balls Polish Pork Shoulder
Geno Pride Mozzarella Cheese Pork Sausage Gravy
Genos Pride Provolone Cheese Sliced Ham
Jalapeno Pepper Cheese Sliced Turkey Breast Skin Off
Monteray Jack Cheese
Mozzaraella Cheese Blue Label Egg Products
Mozzarella Cheese Extra Large Eggs
Mozzrella Cheese Grande Extra Large Eggs
Munster Cheese Extra Lg Eggs ( Cartons )
Parmesan Cheese Hard Boiled Eggs 20# Bucket
Parmesan Cheese Large Eggs
Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan Cheese ( 5# Container ) Cream Dressings
Ricotta Cheese (3# Containers ) Blue Cheese Dressing
Shredded Chedder Cheese Caesar Dressing ( Gals )
Shredded Chedder Cheese Fine Gyro Grecian Sauce (1/2 gal)
Shredded Chedder/Monte Jack Hollandaise Sauce Mix
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese ( Sorrento ) Honey Mustard 1oz Cups
Sliced American Cheese Horseradish ( 1 Cse )
Sliced Chedder Cheese ( 5# ) Horseradish Packets
Sliced Swiss Cheese Italion Dressing Pkg
Sliced Velveeta Cheese Kens Greek Dressing
Tub Of Fetta Cheese Margarita Mix
Velveeta Cheese Blocks 12/2# Rasberry Vinaigrette Dressing
Whell of Gorgonzola Cheese ( 7# ) Sweet & Sour Mix
White Cheese Block 6/5#
White Munster

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