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Amish Chicken Wings B/I Chicken Breasts (40# Bx)
Amish Roasters Chicken Drumsticks ( 40# Bx)
Amish Fryers 8pc Cut Ups
Amish Breasts (25#) Fryers 3up ( 70# Bx)
Amish Legs Fryers 2 3/4 (70# Bx)
Smoke Turkey Breasts Fryers 3 1/2 (70# Bx)
Bnls Chicken Breasts (40# Bx) Fryers 4up (70# Bx)
Mountaire Bnls Breats (40# Bx) Fryers 2 3/4
DQ Bnls Breasts 4oz 8pc Cut Up
DQ Bnls Breasts 5oz (3275) Fowl
DQ Bnls Breasts 6oz 8pc Cut up
DQ Chicken Breast 7 oz Fryer Wogs Sm Bx.
DQ Bnl Breasts (3171) CVP WOG 2.5# 16 Head Fryers
60 ct Baker Potatoes BBQ Chic Wings
5oz Bnls Chicken Breasts Hot & Spicy Wings
6oz Bnls Breast ( 9# Bx ) Roasters
Bnl Chicken Breasts ( 10.5 # Bx ) Bnls Chic Thighs
8oz Bnls Breasts Chicken Gizzards
Bnls Chiken Thighs Froz (40# Bx) Chicken Livers
Leg Q's 4/10's (40# Bx) Chicken Hearts (40#)
Party Wings ( 40# bx ) Party Wings
Jumbo Chicken Wings (40# Bx) Chicken Wings
Whole Legs (40# Bx) IQF Party Wings
Sm Chicken Wings Fryer Wogs 3up
Chic Wings (40# Bx) Split Fryers
Leg Quarters (40# Bx) Whole Chicken
CVP Chicken Backs (40# Bx) Split Chicken Breasts (40# Bx)
Chicken Necks Chicken Thighs (40# Bx)
Bar-B-Q Marinated Chicken Fryer Wogs Sm Bx ( 12 Head )
Savory Marinated Chicken Breaded Chic Patties
Italion Marinated Chicken Lemon Pepper Marinated Chicken
Amish Turkeys 10/12 Butterball Turkeys 10/12
Amish Turkeys 12/14 Butterball Turkeys 12/14
Amish Turkeys 14/16 Butterball Turkeys 18/20
Amish Turkeys 16/18 Butterball Turkeys 20/22
Amish Turkeys 18/20 Lil' Butterball Turkeys
Amish Turkeys 20/22 Turkey Breasts 3/8 (Grade A)
Turkey Breasts 8/10( Grade A) Ground Turkey 1# ( 12# Bx )
Turkey Breasts 10/12 Turkey Thigh Meat
12/14 Turkey Breasts Turkey Tenders
Ground Turkey ( 20# Bx ) Turkey Tenders
Turkey Breast Smoked Turkeys
Turkey Breasts Turkey Necks
JL Turkey Breast Turkey Gizzards ( 40 # )
Turkeys 10/12 Turkey Wings
Turkeys 12/14 Turkey Wings
Turkeys 14/16 Smo Turkey Wings
Turkeys 16/18 Turkey Drumsticks Frz
Turkeys 18/20 Trukey Drum
Turkeys 20/22 Butterball Ground Turkey
Turkeys 22/24 Fieldale Amish Bnls Thighs
Turkeys 24 up
Butterball Ground Turkey (93% )
BBall Ground Turkey 85%
Fieldale Chicken Misc.
Fieldale Chicken Drumsticks Whole Ducks 5up
Fieldale Chicken Thighs 1/2 Bx Geese 10/12
Fieldale Chicken Wings Cornish Hens 22oz
Fieldale Chicken Tenders
Fieldale Split Breasts
Fieldale Amish 1/2 Breast
Amish Turkeys 22/24
Amish Turkeys 24 up
Amish Turkeys 26/28
Amish Bnls Breasts
Fieldale Amish Leg Quarters
Fieldale Skinless Split Breasts
Fieldale Whole Fryers CVP
Fieldale Chicken Breasts
Fieldale Amish Thighs
Fieldale Chicken Wing
Fieldale Chicken Gizzards
Fieldale Chicken Livers
Fieldale Roasters
Fieldale Amish Bnls Sknls Breasts
Fieldale Cut Fryers

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