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Choice Beef  Select Beef
B/I Rib Eye Steaks 15oz Ch Flank Steaks Sm Angus Beef Clods UF Sel Sel Sht Loins UF
Beef Shanks Lg Ch Lipons 13 ups Angus Bnls Rounds UF sel Sel Sirloin Top Butts 14up
Beef Shanks Sm Ch Lipons 2pc Angus Bottom Rounds UF sel Sel Strips 0x1
Beef Tri Tips Ch Ch Peeled Knuckles Angus Export Ribs Sel Sel Strips 16up
Ch 0x1 Strips UF Ch Peeled Tenders Angus Peeled Knuckles sel Sel Top Rounds
Ch 2-Way Chucks Ch Sht Loins 2x3 Angus Sel Chuck Rolls UF Sel XT Sirloin Top Butts
Ch B/I Strips ( Shells ) Ch Sirloin Top Butts UF Angus Sel Lipons Sel XT Top Rounds
Ch Ball Tips Ch Strips #2 Angus Sel Sirloin Top Butts XT Select Strips 1x1
Ch Beef Clods Ch Strips 12/15 Angus Sel XT Sht Loins Strips 12/15 Select
Ch Beef Loins Ch Strips 16up Angus Strips 1x1 Strips Sel 1 x 1
Ch Beef Loins Ch Strips 1x1 Angus Strips UF Sel
Ch Beef Round 1pc Ch Strips 1x1 Angus Top Rounds UF sel
Ch Bnls Beef Briskets Ch Strips 2pc Eye Of Rounds Sel
Ch Bnls Brisket Nose Off Ch Top Rounds Peel Tender Sel 5up
Ch Bnls Rounds Ch UF Sht. Loins Sel 2ways
Ch Bottom Rounds Ch XT Angus Top Rounds Sel Beef Clods XT
Ch C/P Rounds Ch XT Beef Clods Sel Bnls Rounds
Ch Chuck Rolls Ch XT Bnls Rounds Sel Bnls Rounds U.F.
Ch Chuck Rolls UF Ch XT Bottom Rounds Sel Bottom Rounds UF
Ch Chuck Tenders Ch XT Top Rounds Sel Chuck Rolls N/O
Ch English Arm Chucks Ch. English Arm Sel Chuck Rolls UF
Ch Export Ribs Flap Meat Ch Sel Export Ribs
Ch Eye Of Rounds Peeled Tri Tips Ch Sel Lipons
Ch Flank Steaks Scotth Tenders Sel Peeled Tenders 5up
No Roll/Cow/Misc Corn Beef
2-Ways N/R Cow Tenders 3/4 Cooked Corn Beef
90% Grind Cow Tenders 4/5# Roast Beef
90/10 Corse Ground Flank Steaks N/R Cooked Roast Beef
93/07 Fine Grind Fresh Beef Liver Corn Beef Points
Beef Back Ribs Imp Shank Meat Corn Beef Brisket Flats
Beef Bones Lipon N/R 13 up Cooked Lipons
Beef Hearts Froz N/R 2-way Chucks Fresh Ground Beef
Beef Loin Ends B/I N/R Export Ribs 85/15 Bulk Ground Beef
Beef Mixed Trim 80%  N/R Strip #2 3-1 Beef Patties 10.7lbs
(Extra Lean Availble also)
Beef Oxtails N/R Strips #2/15
Beef Ribs Ch Fresh NR Short Lions 2x3
Beef Shanks Peeled Tenders sm
Beef Short Ribs Prime Sht Loin 2x3
Beef Suet Psmo Tenders 5up
Beef Tounge Skirt Steaks
Beef Tripe Sliced Beef Liver 
Beef Tripe Cov Special Trim
Blade Chucks N/O Strip Steaks 12oz
Cert. Ground Round Strips 12/15 N/R
Ch Lipons 13 ups Strips 16up N/R
Corse Grind 73/27 Strips N/R 0x1
Corse Grind 81/19
Corse Grind 91/09
Cow Peeled Knuckles

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