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Ham Products
1/2 Classic Hams Honey Cured Ham
1/2 Spiral Hams Foil Mini Boneless Hams
12oz Sliced Spiral Ham Old Fashion Hams
Amish Country Ham Steaks Pealmeal Bacon Chks
Bavarian Ham Pepper Slab Bacon ( 5per Case )
Boneless Hams Pitt Hams Boneless
Brown Sugar Ham Quarter Boneless Ham
Buffet Ham Slab Bacon
Canadian Bacon Chunks Slab Bacon W/Rind On
Cottage Ham Smokehouse Ham
Double Smoked Slab Bacon Solona
Ham Shanks Spiral Ham Stand
Ham Steaks Whole Classic Ham
Hickory Boneless Hams Whole Spiral C. V.
Hickory Hils Bnl Hams Whole Spiral Ham Foil
Thick Slice Bacon #24
10-1 Hot Dogs 8-1 Hot Dogs 10#
4-1 Hotdogs 10# 8-1 Hotdogs pkg. 12#
5-1 All Beef Hot Dogs 10# Footlong Hot Dogs 10#
5-1 Hot Dogs 10# N.C Deli Franks 8-1 6#
5-1 Hot Dogs 6# N/C All Beef Franks 8-1 10#
6-1 Hotdogs 10# N/C Hot Dogs 10#
8-1 All Beef Hot Dogs 10# Red Hots 5-1 10#
Smoked Sausage
Andouille Sausage Ring Knockwursts (Metwurst )
Chorizo Sausage Rolls ( 10# ) SC Links
Chrizo Sausage Chubb ( 1# ) Short Polish (10# Bx)
Cooked Bratwursts ( 5# Bx) Short Polish 5-1 (10# Bx)
Dearborn Cooked Bratwursts Pkg (12#) Skinless Polish 5-1 (10# Bx)
Fresh brats Skinless Polish 8-1 (10# Bx)
Fresh Kielbasa Skinless Polish W/ Cheese 5-1
German Knockwursts (5# Bx) Smoked Bratwurst #10
Holiday Smoked Kielbasa Smoked Italion Sausage ( 10# Bx )
Hot Hungarian ( !0# Bx ) Smoked Kielbasa
Hot Hunters Sausage (5# Bx) Smoked Polish
Maple Sausage Links ( 6# Bx ) Sweet Italion Sausage 4-1
Mild Hungarian Thuringer Chubs
Mild Hunters Sausage (5# Bx) Weisswurst
Lunch Meats Misc
Beef Bologna Dijon Mustard Squeeze / 12 per Cs
Beef Summer Chubs Chili Blocks
Beer Salami Hot Mustard 12/18oz Jars
Black Forest Ham Pierogies Potato and Cheese
Cooked Salami Pure Horseradish ( 8oz/12 per cs )
Garlic Bologna Sauerkraut ( 2#/ 12 per Cse )
Garlic Ring Bologna ( Bologna Knocks ) Saurkraut
Garlic Ring Bologna Pkg
Lg Bologna
Pickle Ring Bologna Pkg
Pickled Bologna
Pork Sausage Bulk Tubes ( 3# )
Ring Bologna Pkg
Spiral Turkey Breasts
Braunschweiger Chubs 1# Pkg
Smoked Liver Sausage ( Braunschweiger )
Fresh Liver Sausage 4# PC
Honey Cured Ham
Kiska Dark

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